CLIP is an intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) program for CUNY students who need to improve their academic English language skills. Classes meet for five hours a day, five days a week, in day or evening sessions. Students who have been accepted to any CUNY college can spend up to one year in the program. CLIP is offered on 9 CUNY campuses in all 5 boroughs. (Locations)

CLIP is a content-based English language program. Students learn English through studying topics in American history, literature, environmental studies, and others. (Sample course descriptions) In this way, students build knowledge and academic skills as they develop their English language skills. CLIP students also learn the computer skills they need for college.

CLIP is a low-cost program. Most students pay a fee of $180 for a 15-week semester (25 hours a week). Students do not use their financial aid while in CLIP. Instead, they save their financial aid for subsequent college coursework. (Calendars & Fees)

CLIP is an effective program. CLIP students enter college experienced in writing compositions, reading and analyzing texts, making presentations and using computers for academic purposes. (CUNY Matters article)